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[EdwardthesecondBlogspot]/2 or 3 January 1315: Piers Gaveston’s funeral




Today, or perhaps yesterday, is the 700th anniversary of Piers Gaveston’s funeral. Here’s a post about it.Piers Gaveston, earl of Cornwall, was killed at Blacklow Hill in Warwickshire on 19 June 1312. A group of Dominican friars from Oxford came across the body – presumably not by accident, as the Dominicans were Edward II’s favourite order and the king’s fervent supporters, and it would seem a bit of a coincidence if they of all people just happened to find Piers’ body – and took it to their house at Oxford. They embalmed Piers’ body, and sewed his head back on (he had been murdered by being run through with a sword, then his head was struck off).


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