The Voice of Holland Scandal/Innocent until proven guilty/Astrid Essed’s remarks

Lege rechtszaal, met het oude houten met panelen bekleden

” Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.”

” Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.”


{See under the Astrid Essed’s comments, which were sent as a Letter to the Editor to a number of Dutch newspapers,  under the notes, some added articles]
Dear Readers
More then 7 million people, myself included, have recently watched onYoutube the documentary from the online program ”BOOS” THIS IS THE VOICE” [made by journalistand television presenter Tim Hofman [1]This BOOS edition delt with the Topic ”Sexual misconduct”Women and girls spoke out their accusations of sexual harassment [2] in allforms, ranging from sexual apps and remarks [and also the sending of Dicpics] [3] to sexual assault and rape, against topfigures of the RTL  the Voice of Holland programma, namely rapper and comedianAli B [who was a coach of Voice of Holland], singer and former Warchildambassador Marco Borsato [also coach in the Voice], bandleader Jeroen Rietbergen and an unknown director of the Voice, [4]Apart from the stories in online program Boos, charges have been pressedagainst the The Voice of Holland Four: Ali B, Marco Borsato, Jeroen Rietbergen and the anonymous Director.Against Marco Borsato already other charges of sexual misconduct had been pressed in december 2021 [5]
In a response on the program ”BOOS: This is the Voice”, Jeroen Rietbergen has admitted that he went too far sexually [6], MarcoBorsato has denied, Ali B has denied, as the anonymous Director.
Currently the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the sexual assault allegations.
The Boos Documentary ”This is the Voice”, is very touching, confronting.And it was with right that people were angry and showed indignation.

Because the danger is [and I saw it in the reaction of many known and famousDutch TV personalities], that the public opinion is going too far and acts, writesand talks, as if the allegations of sexual misconduct are no allegations anymore,but proven facts!Without waiting for the outcoming of the investigation of the Prpsecutor’s Office, let alone a possible trial against the The Voice of Holland Four [or possibly more people]
Because what we know until now?There are a number of allegations, uttered by REAL ORALLEGED VICTIMS [The silly newsmedia already speak of ”real victims”],there are no hard evidence yet [which has to be decided by the judge!]
That’s why I tell to the public not to forget that we are living in a Society with judges, with Courts and above all the principle:”Innocent until proven guilty” [7], which is established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [8], International Treaties [9], EuropeanTreaties, the Dutch and International Law!
And let’s face this Uneasy Truth:False statements exist, especially when it concernsthe High and Mighty.
Therefore its is of the greatest importance, that the allegation-casesare in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office now, where a just, judicialdecision can be made.Prosecute or not.
The real or alleged victims have a right to it, as the accusedand maybe suspects.In case of a witch hunt, there are no winners.










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”On 13 December 2021, a 22-year-old Dutch woman filed charges against Borsato with the police, accusing Borsato of grooming and sexually assaulting her for years beginning when she was 15 by touching her genitals, buttocks and breasts against her will.[30] The victim considered Borsato, who was a family friend, to be a father figure after her own father died. In the following days, two more women accused Borsato of sexual abuse”




”Soon after RTL’s announcement, band leader of The Voice of Holland, Jeroen Rietbergen (brother in law of media tycoon and creator John de Mol), issued a statement admitting to years of sexual misbehaviour. ”



” Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.”




2. Everyone charged with a criminal offence shall have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.




RTL temporarily canceled the television show the Voice of Holland due to allegations of sexually transgressive behavior and abuse of power by personnel connected to the show. Shortly after the announcement Saturday morning, it was revealed that composer and keyboardist Jeroen Rietbergen would leave the program with immediate effect. The Public Prosecution Service also confirmed that a criminal complaint connected to a person on the show was filed this week.

The editorial team of the BNNVARA program BOOS informed RTL on Wednesday of the incidents RTL said that The Voice of Holland will not air while the allegations are being investigated. “The allegations are very serious and shocking and were not known to RTL,” the broadcaster stated in a press release.-ADVERTENTIE-

“This Saturday, the editors received a confession and apology from the band leader of The Voice, Jeroen Rietbergen. He announced that he will stop his work at The Voice immediately,” BNNVARA wrote in its own press release. “The Voice of Holland has stated that it was not aware of these abuses and has decided to conduct an independent investigation.”

Dutch singer Marco Borsato was also the subject of allegations about sexually transgressive behavior late last year. Borsato was also a coach on The Voice of Holland from 2011-2015. Rietbergen worked with Borsato for several years over the past two decades. Rietbergen was also previously in a relationship with Linda de Mol, the sister of The Voice creator John de Mol

The television show which uncovered the claims, BOOS, said that the episode detailing their investigation will air next week. “We put a huge amount of time and effort into the program. Our show about The Voice of Holland will be broadcast coming Thursday,” said BOOS program director Tim Hofman on Twitter.

Hofman began his investigation into power and sexual abuse claims in talent scouting shows in August. During his research, Hofman received information from people who said they experienced sexually transgressive behavior while on The Voice of Holland.

Television producer ITV reacted to the allegations stating, “Our highest priority is to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone who participates and works on our shows. ITV Studios has a zero-tolerance policy towards the kind of behavior that is said to have taken place. We have immediately ordered an outside investigation.”






18 JANUARY 2022

The Dutch version of “The Voice” has been suspended pending an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations surrounding the popular talent series.Dutch broadcasting company RTL said it will stop airing the show while it carries out an investigation with producers ITV into allegations of “sexually inappropriate behavior” and “abuse of power,” according to a statement released by RTL over the weekend.Among those facing accusations is “The Voice” bandleader Jeroen Rietbergen, who has resigned from his post and issued an apology.

RTL, an affiliate of CNN, said it was notified of the allegations at “The Voice of Holland” on January 12 by the Dutch TV news program BOOS. RTL said it was previously unaware of misconduct allegations.

“We take this extremely seriously. Participants, colleagues, everyone must be able to work in complete safety. There is no room for interpretation in that. The priority is now to get the facts on the table,” Saturday’s statement added.BOOS said in a statement that it received stories in spring 2021 about sexually inappropriate behavior at “The Voice of Holland.”BOOS show host Tim Hofman subsequently issued an open call, where he asked if there were other people who had experienced “something inappropriate at talent shows.””Numerous reactions followed from people who said they were victim or witness to abuse of power or sexually inappropriate behavior at ‘The Voice,'” the BOOS statement said.Those accused of misconduct were approached by BOOS, the show said. One of these was Rietbergen.In a statement reported by RTL, Rietbergen said: “During my years-long involvement with ‘The Voice of Holland’ I had contact of a sexual nature with some women involved in the program and exchanged sexually colored WhatsApp messages.”My involvement with ‘The Voice of Holland’ was as a pianist and bandleader. In my opinion there was no position of power at the time, in my position I am not in a position to favor anyone on the program, I am solely concerned with the music. I saw the contacts as reciprocal and equal.”Rietbergen added: “In the intervening time I have become very aware that my own perception is not relevant at all, but much more the perception of the women concerned. And that these women may have experienced this very differently. This insight has made me realize that my behavior was completely wrong. The things that I have done I should never have done.”Rietbergen, who said he has had professional help, said he has “drastically and permanently” changed his behavior. He said that he will immediately stop working for the series.”I am more sorry for everything than I can express in this statement,” Rietbergen added.BOOS added that the allegations concern Rietbergen, as well as “multiple people within the program.”ITV Studios said in a statement to CNN Tuesday: “Our utmost priority is to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone who takes part in or works on our shows and there is zero tolerance at ITV Studios for the type of behaviour alleged to have taken place.”On Monday, Dutch Justice Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius urged anyone who has been a victim of sexual intimidation or violence to file a report so the police and Public Prosecution Service can start an investigation. The Public Prosecution Service is responsible for investigating and prosecuting criminal offenses.The Dutch reality singing contest sparked the original format of the show in 2010, where judges sit with their chairs facing away from the stage, so that they initially cannot see prospective candidates.If the judges like the sound of a candidate’s voice, they must press their button, which spins their chair towards the stage to reveal the contestant behind the blind audition.

The series has since been iterated in countries including the UK, the US and Australia, where previous coaches include global artists such as, Kylie Minogue, Ariana Grande and John Legend.A program about sexual misconduct at “The Voice of Holland” is scheduled to air on Thursday, BOOS added.





The creator of reality TV shows including The Voice and Big Brother has been accused of victim-blaming by his company’s female employees after accusations of widespread sexual abuse of contestants on the original Dutch version of The Voice.

In a full-page advert in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, a group of employees at the production company Talpa Media castigated its founder, John De Mol, for suggesting that women as well as men had lessons to learn from a scandal that has gripped the country this week and prompted the broadcaster RTL to take Friday’s episode of The Voice of Holland off air.

Following a deluge of allegations of abuse made against men on the show, De Mol, 66, said in an interview: “Do not wait. Do not be afraid. You have to open your mouth. Only then can we help you … Women apparently have a kind of shame, I don’t know what it is, but I would like to delve into it.”

In response, an advert was published in Friday’s newspaper that said: “Dear John, it’s not the women. Greetings, the women of your company.”

In an accompanying statement the group of employees wrote of their “amazement and shame” at De Mol’s comments. It “says a lot about a culture change that is needed within the company, but also in the media world and society,” the statement continued. “And certainly at more large companies where these kinds of thinking errors are still made by men in power.

“Women’s behaviour is not the problem. And not the solution either. This statement is of course also for all other victims of sexually transgressive behaviour in the workplace (not just at Talpa), to encourage them.”

On Friday night, De Mol said he had been “moved” by the advert and had spoken to the women behind it to “understand this anger and disappointment”. He added: “I now understand that, contrary to my good intentions, I have failed to take into account the fact that I, completely unintentionally, gave the impression that I was putting the blame on women. It has become clear to me now that women will not come forward if the culture in a company is not perceived as being sufficiently safe. I blame myself for the fact that this is apparently the case in my company, and I am 100% committed to changing this.”

Talpa Media is run by De Mol but has been owned by ITV since 2015.

The Voice of Holland was suspended before Thursday’s broadcast of a documentary on the YouTube channel Boos, which translates as “angry”, and is run by the public broadcasting company BNNVARA. In the documentary, dozens of anonymous women alleged that high-profile men on The Voice had sexually harassed, abused and assaulted them.

A spokesperson for ITV Studios said the company was “shocked and dismayed” by the allegations but declined to comment on De Mol’s interview. She said: “Our utmost priority is to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone who takes part in or works on our shows and there is zero tolerance at ITV Studios for the type of behaviour highlighted in the show.

“After ITV Studios received notice from Boos of this behaviour last week we moved quickly to launch an external investigation to fully understand what happened.”

Netherlands authorities, including the justice minister, subsequently urged anyone who had been a victim of sexual abuses on the programme to file a complaint with the police so that they and the Public Prosecution Service could investigate

The rapper Ali Bouali, 40, a coach on the show who goes by the name Ali B, was accused by one former contestant of raping her when she appeared on the programme as an 18-year-old hopeful.

In a statement, he responded: “There are now two anonymous reports that are presented with a lot of fury as news. That is unjustified. I cannot publicly defend myself against this. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that the Public Prosecution Service will in both cases have to decide to dismiss [the allegations]. I am not guilty of what I am accused of in the claims.”

Before the broadcast of the allegations, Jeroen Rietbergen, 50, the show’s bandleader, stood down after admitting to having had “sexual contact” with women on the show and sending sexually oriented messages on an app. Rietbergen, until recently the partner of De Mol’s sister, the TV presenter Linda de Mol, said he was not aware of wrongdoing at the time of the alleged incidents.

Six other women have made complaints about the singer Marco Borsato, three of them contestants on The Voice and three on The Voice Kids. Borasto denies any wrongdoing.

De Mol, who initially made his fortune through development of the reality television series Big Brother, spoke of his disappointment that the HR procedures in his company had not protected the contestants.

ITV bought Talpa Media seven years ago for £355m, with further payments dependent on future performance, up to a total potential cost of £920,000.

The company has created 75 shows in more than 180 countries. The Voice format, in which singers are selected via public auditions and then coached by professionals before a competition for a recording contract, has been aired in 50 countries.

Anouk Teeuwe, a female singer who represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision song contest in 2013, said she had quit as a coach on the programme.

“The news is so saddening and a major disappointment,” she said. “I know enough. I’ve decided I don’t want to return to The Voice. It’s a corrupt mess. I don’t want to work at a place where men have, for years, abused their positions and where others have chosen to keep the misconduct silent and look the other way.

“You just can’t do that. You’ve got structural issues when you do that. I do not wish to be part of such behaviour, that’s just not me. So therefore, I will not return to The Voice of Holland.”




17 JANUARY 2022

The Voice of Holland, which originated 150 global versions of the hit talent TV show, has been pulled off air amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

The singing show is suspended while the allegations are being investigated, said the news website for Dutch broadcaster RTL, which produces it.

Jeroen Rietbergen, the series’ band leader, resigned on Saturday, admitting to “relationships of a sexual nature” with women involved in the programme.

ITV Studios owns the show’s rights.

In 2015 it bought the rights to the Dutch version of The Voice, created in 2010 by John de Mol and Roel van Velzen.

Its global versions include the US show broadcast on NBC, which has been awarded seven Emmys and 69 nominations.

The UK version was previously broadcast on the BBC for five series, before it moved to ITV.

The show sees the singing coaches do initial “blind auditions” with singing hopefuls, who have to perform while the judges’ backs are turned, so they are assessed only on their vocal merits.

ITV Studios told the BBC they are “shocked” by the allegations about the Dutch show, which started its 12th series in early January.

“Our utmost priority is to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone who takes part in or works on our shows and there is zero tolerance at ITV Studios for the type of behaviour alleged to have taken place,” they said.

“We have immediately commissioned an external investigation into the allegations.”

RTL told the BBC the “very serious and shocking” allegations “were not known to RTL”.

They said they were told about the “allegations of sexually transgressive behaviour and abuse of power in relation to The Voice of Holland” on 12 January by by news programme Boos, broadcast on Dutch public broadcaster BNN/VARA, which had been conducting an investigation.

Alleged misconduct

RTL added that a “mutual agreement” was reached with ITV about it conducting a “diligent, independent investigation” into the allegations.

“We take this very seriously. Everyone, including both participants and employees, must be able to work in complete safety. There is no room for interpretation here. The priority now is to get the facts straight,” they said.

The BBC has asked RTL for comment from Rietbergen.

The Hollywood Reporter said it was “not clear whether the alleged misconduct at The Voice of Holland took place before or after the ITV takeover”.

RTL suggested there is “talk of abuse of power and sexually transgressive behaviour of three employees”, including “a complaint against jury member Ali B” but that his management said: “Ali has never abused his position and has never acted” in a sexually transgressive way.”

Dutch rapper Ali B posted on Instagram he is “100% convinced” of his own innocence and his management said they currently had nothing to add to his words on social media.

Pre-recorded shows held back

Rietbergen said in a statement he had some years ago had “contact of a sexual nature” with women involved in the programme, and that he had exchanged sexually explicit messages” with them.

He added he did not feel he was abusing his position of powerbut has “now become very aware that my own perception is not relevant at all, but much more the perception of the women concerned. And that these women may have experienced this very differently”.

The identity of the third employee has not been made public.

The Hollywood Reporter said Rietbergen has been in a romantic relationship for more than a decade with Dutch TV star Linda de Mol, who is the sister of one of the show’s creators. but that she declined to comment.

Reitbergen said he has been very aware for “a number of years” that he made a mistake, and that he has received professional help for his behaviour, according to RTL.

ITV Studios told Hollywood Reporter they were contacted “this week” by Boos with the allegations of “inappropriate behaviour” associated with the show.

RTL said the show runs for 15 episodes and that 12 have been recorded, with two broadcast. The last three would have been broadcast live.





20 JANUARY 2022

A YouTube documentary about sexual intimidation and abuse surrounding The Voice of Holland talent show has detailed a long list of claims about sexual abuse, inappropriate comments and behaviour and even one instance of rape. The long-awaited programme, broadcast on Thursday afternoon, involved statements from dozens of anonymous women who were contestants on the show. One former contestant accused rapper and show coach Ali B of raping her eight years ago, when she appeared on the show as an 18-year-old. The woman told her story in a disguised voice, saying she ‘froze’ during the attack and that it had taken her years to realise she was not to blame. Two women have so far made police complaints about B, who denies all the allegations. The programme included other anonymous women who spoke about B promising them fame and then trying to kiss and touch them at his home or in the dressing room –  a pattern repeated by other men involved in the show. Off air RTL took the talent hunt off air last weekend when band leader Jeroen Rietbergen went public with a confession, before the allegations were broadcast. Rietbergen is alleged to have made continuous sexualised comments during rehearsals, sent women photos of his sexual organ and in one case, had physical contact. The complaints about Rietbergen cover a period of over ten years, from 2010 and involve at least 19 women. De Mol The show also made it clear that John de Mol, who devised the programme and owned broadcasting company Talpa until it was taken over by ITV in 2019, was aware of at least one case of unacceptable sexual behaviour by Rietbergen in April 2019. De Mol told the programme he had summoned Rietbergen and given him a serious talking too, but also gave him a second chance. De Mol said he was not aware that Rietbergen had also sexually intimidated other women. Rietbergen was at the time in a relationship with De Mol’s sister, television presenter Linda. The couple separated after the scandal broke and Linda de Mol said before the broadcast that her heart ‘wept for all the women who have suffered’. Six women made complaints about singer Marco Borsato, three from contestants on The Voice and three on The Voice Kids. A spokesman for Borsato, who was faced with allegations about his behaviour at the end of the last year, said he would not be commenting on the claims. Director A further 15 women made complaints about one of the show’s directors who was not named by the programme makers. He was accused of making inappropriate comments and touching the contestants and told the programme via his lawyer that he denied all the accusations. Since the storm broke, judge and coach Anouk has also quit the line-up, and the main sponsors have dumped the programme. RTL has also pulled The Voice Kids and The Voice Senior. The Voice format has been bought by broadcasters in over 50 countries world wide, since its inception in 2010.



A week and a half after the first revelations of sexually transgressive behavior at the talent show The Voice of Holland, the Center for Sexual Violence (CSG) is still receiving more calls and chats than usual. Most people report experiencing sexual violence a long time ago. 

Wher the CSG usually conducts about 12 to 13 chat conversations a day, on the day that BNN/VARA program BOOS put the episode about The Voice online on Thursday, there were 341 chat conversations. On Friday, the center had 286 chat conversations. “The chats just keep coming,” said CSG head Iva Bicanic. “Where we normally have two emergency workers on the cats at night, we were still short of hands during the peak with 12 emergency workers.”-ADVERTENTIE-

The number of chats decreased over the weekend but remained above average. On Monday, CSG workers held a total of 131 conversations. 

There are also more calls coming in than usual. On the day of the BOOS broadcast, the center received 92 calls – over four times as many as the same day a year ago. On Friday, there were 232 calls. Over the weekend, the number of calls dropped to about 70 a day. On Monday, the phone rang 101 times. 

The reporting on the alleged abuse on The Voice of Holland has had an enormously triggering effect,” said Bicanic. “It triggered something for many victims of sexual violence. There was no escaping it; the whole of the Netherlands was talking about sexual violence, wherever you looked or listened. For many victims, this caused hidden memories to surface, and thus the suffering pressure increased.”

The reports came, for example, from people who were struggling with re-experiences, sleeping-, and concentration problems. Others called because they felt empowered to seek help after hearing stories in the media. People also called who realized that they themselves had been a victim after all the attention to the subject.

Last week, the CSG called in a “Letter to the Netherlands” to prevent victim-blaming. According to the center, 75 percent of victims of sexual violence face accusatory comments and inappropriate questions. 

The organization Victim Support also reported that chat conversations tripled last week.

BOOS maker Tim Hofman also notices the first results of his episode on The Voice of Holland. “Something seems to be moving,” the presenter wrote on Instagram. “We see companies, universities, associations, and other institutes adjusting their policies to create a safer environment. A Cabinet (including Prime Minister) speaks out. Men talk to each other, women share with each other,” said Hofman. This is a “valuable” development, but “we are not there yet,” he added. “It feels like the first big breath of a new wind.”

The presenter also thanked all the people who told their stories about the abuses behind the scenes at The Voice in the broadcast. Dozens of women spoke out about sexually transgressive behavior on the RTL program. This included accusations against band leader Jeroen Rietbergen and coaches Marco Borsato and Ali B.

Reporting by ANP.



Dutch talent show “The Voice of Holland” has been taken off air in the Netherlands amid a sexual misconduct scandal

AMSTERDAM — The Dutch talent show “The Voice of Holland” has been taken off the air in the Netherlands amid a sexual misconduct scandal that has cast a shadow over the future of the TV ratings juggernaut in the country where it was first conceived by a media mogul.

The furor is one of the most serious #MeToo reckonings yet to hit the Dutch entertainment world and focuses on a show created in the Netherlands but broadcast in local versions around the globe.

It also draws in a family considered television royalty in the Netherlands — the original creator John de Mol and his sister Linda, a television star in her own right in the Netherlands and Germany who last weekend split from “The Voice of Holland’s” pianist and band leader after he admitted having sexual contacts with some contestants.

The Dutch scandal erupted after a local broadcaster’s YouTube show called “BOOS” — the Dutch word for angry — contacted “The Voice of Holland” to say it has spoken to victims of “sexually transgressive behavior” on the show and is planning to broadcast a program about their allegations on Thursday.

Prosecutors have received two complaints in recent days against one of the show’s panelists, Dutch rapper Ali Bouali. His lawyer, Bart Swier, said Wednesday that the artist known as Ali B denies any wrongdoing. Swier declined to comment further.

The complaints, which Swier said were filed Jan. 11 and on Tuesday, will trigger investigations to establish whether Ali B should face any criminal charges.

Even Prime Minister Mark Rutte has weighed in on the scandal swirling around one of the Netherlands’ most popular TV shows.

“I think everybody is very shocked and it’s good that it is investigated,” he told the Dutch daily De Telegraaf.

Dutch broadcaster RTL, which airs “The Voice of Holland,” reacted swiftly to the reports, saying over the weekend that it was suspending the show. It called the allegations “very serious and shocking” and said they weren’t known to RTL.

Dutch media reported Wednesday that RTL had suspended its ties with Ali B as a result of the complaints. The network did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The show’s pianist and band leader, Jeroen Rietbergen, quit over the weekend and issued a statement acknowledging his actions.

“During my years of involvement with “The Voice of Holland,” I had contact of a sexual nature with some women involved in the program and exchanged sexually tinted WhatsApp messages,” he said in a statement to the RTL Boulevard entertainment news show.

Rietbergen went on to say that after initially considering the sexual encounters “as reciprocal and equal,” he later came to understand that the women “may have experienced this very differently. This insight has made me realize that my behavior has been completely wrong.”

His statement also suggested the show’s producers had known about his actions and cautioned him in the past. Rietbergen’s lawyer didn’t immediately respond to a call and email seeking comment.

Rietbergen’s partner, Linda de Mol, said in a statement on her website that she split from Rietbergen after the scandal broke and was taking a break from her own television career.

RTL said it contacted the show’s producer ITV Studios, which agreed to “immediately initiate a diligent, independent investigation.” The Dutch broadcaster said that “Participants, employees, everyone must be able to work in complete safety. There is no room for interpretation in this. The priority now is to get the facts on the table.”

ITV Studios said: “Our highest priority is to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone who participates in — or works on — our shows and ITV Studios has a zero-tolerance policy towards the type of behavior it is said to have taken place.”

The company said its investigation aims to “build a complete picture of what happened” and encouraged victims or witnesses to speak to the investigation.

Dutch singer Anouk said she was quitting as one of the show’s panelists, who first get to know contestants by listening to them “blind” from a swiveling chair facing away from the stage before going on to mentor them.

“I don’t want to work in a place where for years a number of men have abused their position and deliberately chose to keep it quiet and look the other way,” she said in an Instagram video.

The Dutch public broadcast organization NPO also took action as a result of the scandal, sending a letter to public networks urging them to make sure they have sufficient checks for misconduct.

“We treat everyone equally and respectfully,” the organization said Tuesday in a letter to the broadcasters. “Attention is paid to unequal power relationships and dependency relationships, where there may be an increased risk of undesirable transgressive behavior.”


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