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[EdwardthesecondBlogspot]/The charges against Hugh Despenser the Younger, november 1326


This is my translation of the charges against Hugh Despenser the Younger at his trial in Hereford on 24 November 1326, which are printed in the original Anglo-Norman in G. A. Holmes’ ‘Judgement on the Younger Despenser, 1326’ (English Historical Review, 70, 1955). Investigating the accuracy of the charges would be a major undertaking, and although some of them are certainly true, some are utterly ludicrous. May McKisack (The Fourteenth Century 1307-1399) calls the charges “an ingenious tissue of fact and fiction,” while Roy Martin Haines (in his biography King Edward II) points out that “it is an ingenious document, another piece of propaganda that puts the blame for all the ills of the reign on one man and his father,” ignoring – for the time being, at least – Edward II’s own manifold failings and that the earl of Lancaster and his followers were in armed rebellion against their king in 1322, and in treasonous correspondence with Robert Bruce to boot. The original text begins Hughe le despenser en parlement nostre seignur le Roi Edward qui ore est tenu a Westmonstre Lan de son regne xvme



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