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Refugees in Borderland/December 2021

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In this Night they leave, in search for a Safe Place,not knowing where the journey ends.For they are threathened by death by a merciless dictator,while they only wanted to spread Love and Peace.Which dictators don’t like.

The journey is heavy, through cold and heat, with only a donkey toaccompany them and to ride onWith a precious Newborn Child and  another on the way.
They are lucky to find a Safe Place.And when the Danger is over, they return to their country, in safety……It was heavy, but they are Safe.
And in the Horror, they discovered, how strong they were
They were lucky, it all went well

But not everybody is so lucky……
We saw it, this year.Caught between the sick Games of politicians, a group ofpeople ended up in the borderland between Belarus [White Russia]and Poland, and neither Belarus, nor Poland-EU did care a damnedthing about those people, using them for Power Games. 
Some of them got sick, many died.Yet the Belarus dictator Loeasjenko showed more humanitythen Poland/EU. offering them some warm shelter for whoeverwanted to make use of it.
The only thing Poland and EU offered was more military, pushbacks,fences and laws that made it easy for Poland to refuse asylum….
BUT THERE WAS A LIGHT!NOT from politicians, but common people
People like you and me…..
They kept it out of the news, but there were common Polish people,who wanted to help!
So there was an old Polish woman, who made soup for the refugees!And unknown Polish people, who put a candle for their window to showthe refugees a Light in the Darkness.
Those people are not mentioned by the media, but they exist!They are not mentioned by history, but I know them.THE REFUGEES know them!
I don’t know how the refugees fare now, in this Christmas Night, but thisNight I think of them!

While centuries ago, Jozef and Maria, were helped byhospitable Egyptians, when a cruel king dictator wanted to kill the Child, those refugees get a Sign of Hope and Light fromcommon Polish people, people like you and me, who have no Powerin this World, but do something which is worth more than allthe screaming and criminal politicians, who treat the refugees like Dirt

They give Hope to people in need!

I can’t do anything for them, but I can think of them and write about them.It will not reach them, but I believe that everything that is written, and every thought comes somewhere.Meets someone.
If there is only ONE PERSON, who, by reading this, thinks of those people,then I have reached my goal.
Let’s realize that Christmas is not the Feast of Eating and presents[however jolly that is, I enjoy it too], but to give Light in the Darkness
By thinking of those refugees and all the refugees in this world,you give them Hope.
Thank you
I wish you a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas and Health and Happiness in 2022!



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