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30 APRIL 2007

Astrid Essed | 30.04.2007 17:35 | Analysis | Anti-racism | Repression | World

The political views of Mr G. Wilders, the newly elected Dutch MP, who came into power with 9 seats after the Dutch parliamentary elections dd 2006, are not only being characterized by populism, racism and Islamophobia, also they contain elements, which hold a plea for the foundation of a police-state.

The political views of Mr Wilders [Dutch MP and chairman of the ”Party for the Freedom”]
A tsunami of racism


Germany, 1933

”Therefore, urgent changes are necessary!
Germany has to become a strong and vital country again!
A country with a lasting and strong economy!
A country, which declares war to Jewish villains!
A country, which gives a strong solution on the problems of civilians!
Long live a better and stronger Germany!”

After the speech, the hysterical crowd shouted loudly ”Heil Hitler!”

A speech, walked away from history, with a heinous dimension, especially seen against the light of the horrible events in nazi-Germany, with as absolute abyss, Auschwitz.

Whoever is assuming, that, seeing against the light of the racist, populistic and hatespeech-character, this speech has been held by Adolf Hitler or one of his nazi-partners, is mistaken

I was referring to a somewhat shortened passage from the election-pamphlet of Mr Wilders, dated dd august 25th of 2006, by which, of course, ”Germany” should be replaced by ”The Netherlands” and ”Jewish villains” [a term, loved by the nazi-ideologists] by ”islamic” terrorism [see for the passage of the election-pamphlet, under ”Sources]

Those, who are assuming, that I refer to the political views of mr Wilders, being nazi-like, are mistaken also, because happily, that’s not [yet] the case

However, there are similarities between the political views of Wilders and the nazi-ideology, namely the populism, the scapegoat-model, the hatespeech against certain groups of the population, and the vaguely formulated call for a ”strong” nation and economy

The similarities are strikingly strong, regarding the by Wilders proposed political measures in the direction of a police-State, which will be showed in underlying.

A Political career:

Mr Wilders started his political career at the right wing liberal People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy [in Dutch: VVD], from which he became a member in 1989
From 1997 until 1998 he was a member of the municipal Council in Utrecht, the fourth largest city of the Netherlands.
In 1998 he was elected to the national Parliament, where he represented the VVD untill 2004
He belonged to the conservative rightwing-part of the party and was known by pro-Palestinian political and human rights activists as a strong supporter of the Israeli political-military policy

I refer to this later

The foundation of the Party for Freedom [in Dutch: PVV]

He left the VVD in 2004 after a conflict about the alleged future Turkish EU membership, that was excluded by Wilders, not because of the Turkish human rights violations, but because of his objection as Turkey, being a non-European [read ”islamic”] country
After his MP position being a one-man political fraction, named ”Wilders Group”, he and his adherents founded the Party for Freedom [PVV], which won the elections in 2006 and entered the Parliament with 9 seats
Wilders is the chair of the PVV in parliament

B Political views

The political views of Mr Wilders can be qualified as racist, populist and hatespeechlike
Also elements of his political views include a plea for the foundation of a police-state, by which he is violating the elementary rules of democracy

With his views, he should have been given the anti-human rights price, violating the fundamental principles of humanity and civilisation

1 Racist points of view:

In the authoritative Dutch dictionnary ”Dikke van Dale”, racism is being defined as:

”the utterance of contempt, hostility or hatred of the one race against the other, stemming from a feeling of superiority”

In article 2, International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, racism is being defined as

”any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life”

Striking is the fact, that the views of Mr Wilders are conforming to both definitions about racism

In a number of mediainterviews he has referred to the fact that the values of ”other” [read: ”non-western] cultures are not as high standarded like ”ours” [read: the western and in particular Dutch culture]

In this respect I refer to a statement of Mr Wilders, which he has regularly uttered in interviews:

”We must not pretend, whether the values of our culture are as good as the other cultures”

From this statement, the conclusion can be drawn, that he states, that ”our” [read the very heterogenous ”white” autochton Dutch culture] culture is superior to other [non western] cultures

According to the definition in the Van Dale about racism, such views are racist

Also Mr Wilders makes a clear and negative distinction between people of different descent and belief, which is racist according to the International Convention against Racism [see above]
I’ll illustrate this with the following examples:

I ”Streetterrorists”

This racism has been based upon the continuous and oversimplified views about the Islam as a religion, the muslims in general and the Morrocon population in particular.
Regularly Morrocan streetyouth, who have in some cases come in conflict with the judicial authorities, are been qualified by Mr Wilders and his political gang as ”streetterrorists”

Not only such remarks are seldom based on a serious investigation into the causes of social misbehaviour, also the qualification ”terrorism” is tendentious and unjust, applying only to committers of terroristic assaults on civilians or civilian goals, who have been convicted in a fair and independent trial

The message seems clear:

With such remarks Morrocan youths are being criminalized and stigmatized
The proof of the racist character lies in the fact, that autochtone white Dutch streetyouth, who have come in conflict with the judicial authorities, are not being qualified as ”streetterrorists”

II Western and non-western allochtones [people, who are from non-Dutch descent]

Another example of the racist views of Mr Wilders is his systematic distinction between ”western” and ”non-western” allochtones, with a continuously negative qualification of the latter group [the socalled ”non-western” allochtones]

III ”Inundation”

In his language he makes use of neo-nazilike archetypes like an ”inundation” by ”foreigners” or people of ”non-western” descent
Also he is using the word ”tsunami”

So he described, dd 20-2 this year, the appointment in the newly formed Dutch government [coalition between the christian-democrats, the Labour Party and the smaller somewhat fundamental Christian Union], of two labour-politicians, one of Morrocon, the other of Turkish descent, namely Mr Aboutaleb and Mrs Albayrak as undersecretaries of State [Aboutaleb at Social Services ad Albayrak at immigrationpolicy], as a ”tsunami of Islamizing”

An example from his election-pamphlet, which is confirming his racist views:

”The demografical developments must be viewed with very much concern: the majority of the youth in the big cities is already of non-western descent”

This political view he is sharing with the ultra right wing Israeli politicians [who Wilders is admiring, which shall be no suprise for the reader], who worry about the ”demografical problem” in Israel [the ”threatening” majority of the ”Israeli” Arab people in Israel, by which the legitimacy of the zionistic Jewish State is highly challenged]

It is obvious here:

Only people with racist views, who think they are superior to others, feel threatened by the presence of other cultures, since they don’t think in a humanitarian way, but in lines of descent and cultural differences and have no eye at all for the positive enrichment by other cultures

Shortly after the notorious statement of Mr Wilders about the ”tsunami” of Islamizing, he started a political hate-campaign against the referred secretaries of State, on which I”ll refer later

2 Hatespeech

It is obvious, that those political views, his provoking and uncivilisized behaviour in parliament and his other provoking remarks (notorious is his remark, that muslims should tear to pieces the half of the Koran) are contributing to a further tension between autochton (read ”white”) and allochtone (read originally of ”foreign” descent), people in the Netherlands, which had been intensified since september 11th 2001

Yet apart from his vicious views, it also is a testimony of moral cowardice, to stigmatize and criminalize a population minority (in casu the muslims in general and the Morrocon in particular), who has been victim after september 11th 2001, as well after the murder of the cineast Mr T van Gogh (dd 2-11-2004), of fysical and verbal assaults, as also fireraisings in mosques and islamic schools.

According to article 137, c and d (Dutch criminal Law) as well as racism against a population-minority, as hatespeech-like views, are punishable.
It would therefore recommendable, when Mr Wilders and his co MP”s would be reported to the police

3 Towards a police-state

Authoritarian and inhumane views

As I’ve stated already, the views of Mr Wilders contain elements, which are contrary with democratical principles

I Introduction of administratice detention regarding real or alleged terrorsuspects

A striking example is his great admiration for administrative detention, a notorious Israeli punishment-measure against especially Palestinian prisoners, but also sometimes applied to Israeli settlers, who are religious fanatics

As you’ll know, administration detention means detention without any form or trial
This detention-method, which is, except for Israel, also applied in other human rights-violating countries like China and the former Eastern-European countries, is not only inhuman, but illegal according international judicial standards

Another notorious example of administration detention is Guantanamo Bay

However, despite of the inhuman and internationally illegal character, Mr Wilders, who especially is referring to the Israeli form, in his election pamphlet, Mr Wilders is helding a plea for its introduction in the Netherlands, in respect with real or alleged terror-suspects.

II Introduction of ”labourcamps” for problemyouth

Another remarkable measure, which is vehemently pleaded by Mr Wilders, is the introduction of ”labourcamps” for ”problemyouths”

Without accusing Mr Wilders of the introduction of concentration-camps, the terminology ”labourcamps” reminds me of the labourcamps in the former Eastern European countries, the formet Sovjet Union (Siberia was notorious) and China, in which human rights were being violated very seriously

Also the nazi’s used this detention form, which lead to the death of innumerable prisoners

Yet apart from the exact idea of Mr Wilders, regarding ”labour-camps” the mere proposal is incompatible with the principles of the Dutch democracy
Moreover, very strict youth detention facilities are already existing in the Netherlands, so this Wilders-proposal is also completely meaningless

The fact that he doesn’t give a clear explanation of his ”labour-camp” idea, but his strong admiration for administrative detention, makes me fear the worst

Seeing in the light of his great sympathy regarding ”labour-camps” and administrative detention, I think the conclusion is justified, that a number of fundamental PVV (the party of Mr Wilders) views are incompatible with the democratical principles and show similarities with a dictatorial police-state

4 Populist points of view

One of the main characteristics of real or alleged charismatic leaders of racist and semi-racist organisations is the populist and demagogical element

Populism can be characterized as a political-ideological view, which is not based upon facts, but on underlying society-feelings of discontent and resentment, in casu racism

Because real arguments are usually lacking, populism is repeating commonly accepted views, the feeding of the feelings of resentment, the uttering of meaningless slogans and vague statements.

So it is not surprising that a populist politician like Mr Wilders is referring to slogans like a ”strong Netherlands”, ”a Netherlands to be proud of” and a ”true identity” of the Netherlands, without a further explanation

Also he is champion in scoring easily with the promotion of either already taken measures, or the famous ”commonly accepted views”

I Examples:

In his electionpamphlet he holds a plea for [among else] the following points:

Deportation of illegal people, who have committed a crime [an already existing judicial measure]
The ending of the waiting-lists in Child Welfare [a commonly accepted view]

The spending of more money to medical centres for mentally disturbed elderly people :

He is stating ”less bureaucracy and overhead and [literary said] ”more hands to the sick-beds”
Also this is a view which will be held by nearly anyone [easy scores]

This one you”ll love:

”Clean” one person-rooms for mentally disturbed elderly people in medical care centres. ”Elderly people are no prisoners” [his literal words]

As you have seen, Mr Wilders deserves a price for scoring on ”easy” points

Except for his anti-islamic and anti-refugee views [Mr Wilders is a strong adherent of an immigration-stop], he wants to gain also some popularity under that part of the Dutch autochton election-potential, which is not outspoken racist, but have lesser or smaller prejudices against people of allochton descent

As all populists, he wants to appeal to chauvinistic feelings, with a reference to the socalled ”Dutch glory of the past” [read poverty and repression in the Netherlands and colonialism and slavery abroad]

In the final sense of his ”Declaration of Independence” [a little megalomania is also his strong side] he states:

”Centuries ago, our ancestors changed a swamp into an oasis of tolerance and economical succes, with a flag , wich is internationally synonymous for liberty and freedom
This flag deserves to wave in freedom”

Great, demagocical and especially empty words

C The question of the ‘double nationality”

About the ”double nationality” question, Mr Wilders raised dd 27-2 this year in parliament, I can be short

He described the appointment in the newly formed Dutch government, of two labour-politicians of Morrocon descent, namely Mr Aboutaleb and Mrs Albayrak as undersecretaries of States [Mr Aboutaleb at Social Services and Mrs Albayrak at justice and immigrationpolicy], as a ”tsunami of Islamizing”

Also he proposed a parliamentary motion of ”distrust” against their participation to the government, because of their alleged ”lack of loyalty”, having a double nationality

Obviously the socalled ”double nationality” is not the real issue of Mr Wilders, but merely one of the consequences of his racist political views against ”non-western” allochtones in general and their participation to the government in particular
Clearly this is the case, because Mr Wilders is aware of the fact, that according to the Moroccon law, Morrocon allochtones are not capable to abandon their Morrocon nationality, yet apart from the right of any human being to a double nationality

Although his political circus made no chance in the House of Parliament, the danger is lying in the hatespeech character

D Berufsverbot:

That his reference to ”dual nationality” is a part of his hatred-campaign, is showing in his socalled ”berufsverbot” [the prohibition on certain professions, mostly appied on political opponents] regarding people with a double nationality, excluding one more million people of ”allochton” descent

The professions he refers to are judges, districts attorneys, policemen, military and ambassadors

The tsunami of racism is going on

E Reaction of the Parliament:

Although a parliamentary majority has loud and clear rejected Mr Wilders regarding the ”double nationality”, there was no radical rejection of his fundamental political views, despite some good critics of MP’s of D’66 [left wing liberals], Groen-Links [the Green-left party], the PvdA [the Labour Party] and the Christen-Unie [the fundamental christian coalition-party, which stands for a humane asylum-policy and a somewhat progressive policy regarding the social weak, but is a strong adherent of as well the anti-terrorpolicy as the Israeli-American policy]

The most critics referred only to the ”double nationality” question and the very disrespectful and inconsiderate personal attitude of Mr Wilders, but not to the basics of his views, namely the racism

When the extreme right wing politician Mr Janmaat [Centrumpartij] entered the House of Parliament in 1982, the mainstream politicians openly rejected his views as racist and were ignoring him as much as possible

I hold no plea for the ignoring of Mr Wilders, out of principles of humanity and respect, which should have to be given to every human being

However, I think it is of the greatest importance, that the politicians have the moral courage to unmask his views as racist

With respect to that, the Dutch politicians should take an example from a number of Belgian politicians, who have openly unmasked mr de Filip de Winter, being racist
Many of the Wilders views are corresponding with the Vlaams Belang views [the party of Mr F de Winter, the former Vlaams Blok, which has been convicted because of its racism]

A fundamental political attitude of that kind and the emphasis on a respectful attitude in the parliamentary debates, will contribute a lot to a moral and political defeat of Mr Wilders

Astrid Essed

The Netherlands


Passage from the Wilders election-pamphlet dd august 25th of 2006:

”Therefore, urgent changes are necessary!
The Netherlands have to become a strong and vital country again!
A country with smaller and less-interfering government and a lasting and strong economy!
A country, which is proud on his identity and dares to defend it, also within the reality of the greater European connection.
A country, which is investing in better security for its inhabitants, better education for its children and a more humane care for older people
A country with a harsg punishment for criminal behaviour on the street and islamic terrorism
A country with a government, that solves the problems of the civilians
In short: a better and stronger country [the Netherlands]

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