In honour of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela/Amandla!!!!!


Dear Readers,
Nelson Mandela, freedom fighter and champion of the Palestinian cause, has gone
to a better world.
Hereby my condolences to his family and the South-African people,
which I’ve sent to  the Nelson Mandela Foundation.
May he rest in Peace
Kind greetings
Astrid Essed
Dear Family of Nelson Mandela
Dear people of South-Africa
It is with deep sadness, that I have learnt from the death of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, former
leader of the ANC and president of South Africa.
Though he was already very ill, nevertheless his death comes as a shock.
He was an idealist and a courageous man determined to fight against that crime
against humanity, the nazi like Apartheid, its rulers, police and security forces.
But what impressed me most was his prepareness to die for a society, which was
based on equality for all, regardless colour or descent.
His lack of bitterness, despite his brutal imprisonment under the most barbaric
His genuine love for his people and humanity, his championship of causes of justice,
like the Palestinian cause and the resistance against the imperialistic war against Iraq.
He really fullfilled this impressive statement
”When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”
With his life and his sacrifice of imprisonment, with as a consequence hardship and
being separated from his wife and children, he set an example to us all.
He is in a Better Place now.
May he rest in peace.
My deepest condolences to his wife, children, grandchildren and other family.
My deep condolences to the people of South-Africa, who have lost a father.
The dream for Justice will never end
In respect
Kind greetings
Astrid Essed
The Netherlands

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